Gulley IC

Gulley IC

Gulper 320 - Easy access remote mount bilge waste pump and strainer system featuring non-clog electric valve technology

Intelligent Control

At the heart of every Whale IC product lies innovative electronic control circuitry. This enables IC sensor accessories to communicate directly with IC pumps to control their performance.


Simple, fast, low cost installation every time Longer system life Whale’s best boater experience ever.

Gulley IC senses the grey waste level and sends signals to Gulper IC to turn off and on as required. 

  • One pump automatically  handles waste from your shower on board - no manual switches required
  • Easy installation - pre wired plug and play kit
  • Automatic control - receives electrical signals to turn on/off as required
  • Soft start - protects the pump for long life
  • Low current controlled switching - no switch failure from high currents
  • Fast drainage - high capacity up to 19 ltrs (5 US gals) /min
  • Self primes and runs dry
  • Easy to install - including uneven surfaces
  • Optimal drainage - Built in Time delay

Gulley IC

  • Compact single shower gulley with integrated intelligent control
  • Easy clean cover
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Service free - no moving parts to clog or burn
  • Fully potted circuitry – protected against water ingress

It is important to ensure that a vented anti-syphon loop is incorporated in the system.

CodeNameNo of DrainsVoltage
SG8284Whale Grey IC Kit - includes Gulper IC and Intelligent Shower Gulley (12 v D.C.) 112V
SG8484Whale Grey IC Kit - includes Gulper IC and Intelligent Shower Gulley (24 v D.C.) 124V
  • LV1215 Image
    LV1215 In-line Check Valve 25mm / 38mm (1"/ 1 1/2") Stepped Connection
  • SF5018 Image
    SF5018 Skinfitting Plstc 5/8" Hose Connections
  • SF5131 Image
    SF5131 Skinfitting Plstc 3/4" Hose Connections
  • SF5204 Image
    SF5204 Skinfitting Plstc 1" Hose Connections
  • SF5425 Image
    SF5425 Skinfitting Plstc 1.1/2" Hose Connections
  • EB3364 Image
    EB3364 Hose Fitting Elbow 1"
  • EB3488 Image
    EB3488 Hose Fitting Elbow 1,1/2"
  • YP6114 Image
    YP6114 Hose Fitting Y-Piece 1.1/2"

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