Water Heater - 23 ltr (6 US Gal), Electric Only

Water Heater - 23 ltr (6 US Gal), Electric Only

A Wide Range Of Water Heaters Suitable For Harsh Marine Conditions. Available in The Americas only (with exception of S360EW 12 V Water heater which is available worldwide).

Whale Heat

Whale Electric Water Heaters includes model with the very latest technology. All heaters are manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to specifically withstand harsh marine conditions. 

3 material options available

The Marine Galvanized Steel Cover offers corrosion resistance at an affordable price. This material weighs more than the other case options but is made from a strong and robust material  .

Water Heaters with a Stainless Steel cover offer high levels of corrosion resistance with a modern stainless steel finish. These heaters are a bit lighter than those wearing the galvanized outer cover and heavier than the epoxy coated versions. 

The White Epoxy Coated Aluminium cases are well-suited to installation in many of today’s engine rooms. Their white appearance blends in well with existing equipment and the coated aluminium material offers corrosion resistance.

Features and Benefits  

• Multiple versions to suit your installation   
- Combination electric/heat exchanger or electric only models available  
- Available for 120V and 240V 
- Horizontal Mounting only  

 • Robust Manufacturing 
 - Hold down brackets welded to inner tank 
- Double wall heat exchangers  

• Safety controls  
- Integrated pressure relief valve 
- Temperature and pressure drain tube included  

• Magnesium anodes available separately 
 - Recommended to prevent corrosion and ensure a longer Water Heater life  

• Sturdy, robust exteriors
- Material options - marine galvanized steel, stainless steel or epoxy coated  

 • Ignition protected 

 Also see Front Heat Exchanger and Rear Heat Exchanger Models.

Available in The Americas only.


CodeNameOrientationElectric and Heat ExchangerCapacity (US gals)Voltage RatingPSIExterior Material
S600EWSeaward by Whale 6 Gal Water HeaterHorizontalElectric Only6120 V150 psiWhite Epoxy
S650ESeaward by Whale 6 Gal Water HeaterHorizontalElectric Only6240 V150 psiGalvanized Steel
S700ESeaward by Whale 6 Gal Water HeaterHorizontalElectric Only6120 V150 psiStainless Steel
S750ESeaward by Whale 6 Gal Water HeaterHorizontalElectric Only6240 V150 psiStainless Steel
S650EWSeaward by Whale 6 Gal Water Heater - 4500 WattsHorizontalElectric Only6240 V150 psiWhite Epoxy
  • 80335 Image
    80335 Water Heater Conversion Kit 240v To 120v
  • 80336 Image
    80336 Water Heater Conversion Kit 120v To 240v
  • 74556 Image
    74556 Magnesium Anodes
  • WX1599 Image
    WX1599 Thermostatic Mixer Valve

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