Whale Opens Up An Expanse Of Space

Whale opens up an expanse of valuable living and storage space, delivers faster heat up, and more control than ever before with the launch of their all new Under Floor Water Heater *

Whale expanse


Under floor water heater


For vehicle manufacturers today some of the greatest challenges are reducing weight and maximising living space. With these key considerations at the very heart of vehicle product design, Whale has recently built a reputation for heating innovation including innovative award winning space heaters designed to be installed under vehicles.

Taking these core principles, and following 5 years of intensive in-house research, development and testing, Whale® proudly launches the all new space creating Under Floor Gas and Electric Water Heater, the Whale Expanse! This unique water heater delivers more space, faster heat up and more control than any previous Whale model.*. In a first for the industry, Expanse can be fitted alongside Whale’s Under Floor Space Heater to create the only total under floor gas and electric water and space heating system on the market. With this complete system, Whale delivers high performance, creates even more open space and offers more versatility in interior layouts. For Whale, this new underfloor model is truly innovative with 3 patents pending and all having been designed by its own in-house team.


By locating Expanse™ under the vehicle, Whale gives manufacturers the opportunity to be revolutionary with interior design through extending valuable living and storage space. Expanse™ frees up to 98% of the interior space traditionally taken up by heaters installed inside the vehicle. Once fitted, the unit only requires a minimal amount of internal space (214mmx 60mm x 81mm), allowing manufacturers to use the additional room to deliver even more ‘home from home’ comfort. The compact unit is ideal for mobile applications weighing up to 33% less than the typical competitor model. It features a unique reinforced polypropylene outer casing which is both lightweight and durable, and designed to fit securely to the van chassis. **


Expanse features a high efficiency pre-mixed burner and direct heat exchanger located inside the water tank designed to maximize heat transfer to heat water faster than any other Whale model. It delivers enough hot water for a 14 litre shower in only 11 minutes and reheats adequate water for a second shower in just 8 minutes. That is 2 showers in just 19 minutes! *** Expanse also features a protective lightweight plastic outer housing and custom expanded polystyrene insulation surrounding the water tank all designed to keep water hotter for longer.


Expanse can be run on electric only, gas only or using both combined. When installed with Whale’s iVan® wireless touch screen control panel, the user can run the water heater and space heater independently or together as required, and can programme up to 3 timers so that hot water is available any time day or night. Unlike some water heaters that can unexpectedly drain during cold temperatures leaving the user with no water, iVan’s frost protection setting activates Expanse when temperature drops to 5 degrees C. This prevents freeze damage yet retains water supply, for year round protection and water supply.


Expanse’s unique design gives vehicle manufacturers the freedom to choose from a variety of chassis locations. The robust outer housing is pre-moulded with secure mounting points for a long term secure fit. Expanse includes external gas connections and a fan-assisted flue which is attached to the underside of the heater to minimize wall and floor cut outs on the production line. This helps to ensure that the overall vehicle structure remains intact and installation time is reduced. Installation is further simplified thanks to Expanse’s unique integrated Pressure Relief Drain Valve and easy connection to Whale Quick Connect 12mm plumbing (adaptors are also available for all other typical plumbing systems). 

Whale expanseWhale expanse


The only complete under floor gas and electric water and space heating system-



When Expanse is installed together with Whale’s 4.3S High Output Space Heater, and unique iVan®Touch Screen Control Panel, all 3 innovations combine to deliver the only complete under vehicle gas and electric water and space heating system. Together, they deliver even more valuable living and storage space, Whale’s highest heat output and fastest water heat up to date, all wirelessly controlled from an easy to use central location. Enhanced heating control and performance:-no compromise water and space heating.

Whale Managing Director Patrick Hurst added….

‘Expanse is truly a game changer, an industry first; and one of the most exciting products that Whale has ever brought to market. By designing this unique Water Heater to fit under vehicles we offer manufacturers greater flexibility for designing layouts, maximizing usable living areas and valuable storage space. This new design delivers Whale’s fastest water heat up and reheat times yet.

Our design ethos at Whale is to strive to offer the most innovative RV heating systems possible.

Expanse is a unique and exciting product in its own right, however by creating innovative products designed to work together we are able to deliver a revolutionary new heating package. The industry’s first under vehicle gas and electric water and space heating system. This complete system offers vehicle manufacturers faster installation times thanks to reduced wiring and fewer cut outs being required, as well as optimised interior layouts possible by locating both heaters under the vehicle. With this new innovative system, Whale offers the van user, more space, faster water heat up, more heat and the highest level of control in the company’s history .It is one of the most proud moments in the company’s 204 years!’

Patrick Hurst – Managing Director

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* Expanse fitted with latest iVan models compared to Whale’s 2012 and 2013 water and space heater models,
** Based on Whale laboratory weight results 2014 compared against typical competitor published data.
*** Based on Whale lab tests 2014 when run on gas and electric setting, with water heater to 38 degrees C)
Please note: iVan frost setting requires gas or electric supply to activate and run