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Whale work in partnership with caravan and motorhome manufacturers to provide end-users with innovative products and professional support services. For Whale's heating system range, weight and space saving, practicality and of use and ease of installation are central considerations in this process.

MORE SPACE AND LESS WEIGHT By locating Expanse under the vehicle, Whale gives manufacturers the opportunity to be revolutionary with interior design through extending valuable living and storage space. EASE AND SPEED OF INSTALLATION Expanse’s unique design gives vehicle manufacturers the freedom to choose from a variety of chassis locations. FAST HEAT UP, REHEAT AND RETENTION Expanse features a high efficiency pre-mixed burner and direct heat exchanger located inside the water tank designed to maximize heat transfer to heat water faster than any other Whale model. MORE CONTROL – NO COMPROMISE HEATING Expanse can be run on electric only, gas only or using both combined. When installed with Whale’s iVan® Wireless Touch Screen Control Panel, the user can run the water heater and space heater independently or together as required, and can programme up to 3 timers so that hot water is available any time day or night.

  • Easy to access
  • Winter protection
  • External gas connections
  • Underside flue connector
  • 8 litre capacity water tank
  • Easy mounting option
  • More internal living space
  • Robust design
  • Superior insulation

*NOTE: All Whale Water Heaters must be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions

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Instant Match Wireless Kit - How it works

WW0801UCUnderfloor Gas and Electric Water Heater with Whale® Water Heater Control Panel
WW0801OCOnboard Gas and Electric Water Heater with Whale® Water Heater Control Panel
WW0821UCUnderfloor Gas Water Heater with Whale® Water Heater Control Panel


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