4kW Underfloor Space Heater

4kW Underfloor Space Heater

Lightweight and compact blown air heating systems

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Higher Heat Output, Maximum Performance!

  • Maintains a comfortable living environment
  • Balances between gas and electric to maintain desired room temperature
  • New boost setting uses both gas and electric for higher powered heating
  • New twin ducting system for more installation options and higher heat output
  • Mounted underfloor, more space inside
  • Lightweight design
  • No chimney or flue covers required
  • Intuitive and simple controls

*NOTE: All Whale Space Heaters must be installed and serviced by a fully qualified gas engineer in accordance with the appropriate installation instructions, underfloor-mounted Space Heater models are available to van manufacturers only

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    CodeNameMounting LocationMode of Operation
    SH4312B4kW Underfloor Space HeaterUnderfloorGas and Electric


    There are no currently no specifications for 4kW Underfloor Space Heater.

    • DX6511 Image
      DX6511 Directional Fitting (beige)
    • DX6516 Image
      DX6516 Fixed Fitting (beige)
    • DX6531 Image
      DX6531 Directional Fitting (black)
    • DX6536 Image
      DX6536 Fixed Fitting (black)
    • DX6521 Image
      DX6521 Directional Fitting (white)
    • DX6526 Image
      DX6526 Fixed Fitting (white)
    • DX6501BR Image
      DX6501BR End Cap Fitting
    • DX6502BR Image
      DX6502BR Straight Fitting
    • DX6503BR Image
      DX6503BR T Fitting
    • DX6504BR Image
      DX6504BR Y Fitting

    There are currently no spares for 4kW Underfloor Space Heater.

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