Heat Air - North America

Heat Air - North America

Lightweight and compact blown air heating systems

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Heat Air is a lightweight, powerful and space creating Propane heating solution for the North American RV market.

  • Suitable for Towables, Motorhomes and Campervans
  • Compact, space saving heating solution with a narrow rotatable design
  • Installed underfloor, maximizing valuable living and storage space, or installed onboard to suit your application
  • Versatile – modulating burner technology for highly efficient combustion suitable for wild camping and on-site.

Available in 2 power options, GTR 10 and GTR 15, Heat Air gives the end user maximum comfort day and night through every season, no matter where you are.

Heat Air offers benefits to both the converter and end user...

More for the converter...

  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • More Space
  • Design Freedom
  • Connectivity

More for the end user...

  • Fast Heat Up
  • Quiet Night-Time Setting
  • Even and Well Maintained Heat Distribution
  • Cosy Van – All Year
  • Easy to Use

For more technical information on the products - check out our datasheet and brochure 

Whale Heat Control Panel

Heat Air is controlled by the Heat Control panel – our most modern control panel to date. The main benefits of this control panel are:

  • LIN or CAN control compatibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Profile and Compact
  • Modern Capacitive Touch Technology
  • Discreet LED Auto Dim
  • High Quality UV Resistant Polymer

Whale Heat Control Panel

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Instant Match Wireless Kit - How it works

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+1 616 897 2301

Email: usasales@whalepumps.com


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Typical Class B Underfloor Installation

CodeNameMounting LocationMode of Operation
SETSL10611Heat Air GTR 10Underfloor/OnboardGas Only
SETSL15611Heat Air GTR 15Underfloor/OnboardGas Only


  • Heat Air Datasheet
  • FK0212C Image
    FK0212C Heat Air 0.25m/1.25m Flue Kit
  • FK0220C Image
    FK0220C Heat Air 0.25m/2.00m Flue Kit
  • FK0720C Image
    FK0720C Heat Air 0.75m/2.00m Flue Kit
  • AK1823B Image
    AK1823B Heat Air U Bracket (Onboard)
  • AK1824B Image
    AK1824B Heat Air Flue Shield (Optional)
  • AK1819B Image
    AK1819B Heat Air Z Bracket (Underfloor)
  • AK1820B Image
    AK1820B Heat Air Transit Bracket (Underfloor)
  • AK1976C Image
    AK1976C Heat Control Panel - Standalone
  • AK1977C Image
    AK1977C Heat Control Panel - LIN
  • AK1978C Image
    AK1978C Heat Control Panel - CAN
  • AK1973C Image
    AK1973C Heat Control Temperature Sensor
  • DX6511B Image
    DX6511B Flexible Beige
  • DX6516B Image
    DX6516B Fixed Beige
  • DX6521B Image
    DX6521B Flexible White
  • DX6526B Image
    DX6526B Fixed White
  • DX6531B Image
    DX6531B Flexible Black
  • DX6536B Image
    DX6536B Fixed Black
  • DX6541B Image
    DX6541B Flexible Grey
  • DX6546B Image
    DX6546B Fixed Grey
  • DX6500 Image
    DX6500 Pipe 25m
  • DX6501B Image
    DX6501B End Stop
  • DX6502B Image
    DX6502B Straight
  • DX6503B Image
    DX6503B ‘T’
  • DX6504B Image
    DX6504B ‘Y’
  • DX9000B Image
    DX9000B Pipe 25m
  • DX9001B Image
    DX9001B Pipe 7m
  • DX9010B Image
    DX9010B ‘Y’
  • DX9011B Image
    DX9011B Branch (90mm x 65mmx 90mm)
  • DX9012B Image
    DX9012B Elbow
  • DX9013B Image
    DX9013B 90mm x 65mm
  • DX9014B Image
    DX9014B Straight
  • DX9015B Image
    DX9015B Grille

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