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3D Printing Services

Take your idea and make it reality
from concept to reality in 48 hrs!

We can help you move fast from first design concept to production component parts in rapid time. With our latest 3D Rapid Prototyping Machines which are enabled by 21 highly qualified engineers. Improve your product through testing prototypes – resulting in the most superior product.

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Passion for Perfection


We can help you keep moving fast and innovating at speed. From early design and concept models through to accurate highly finished engineering models, and low pre- production runs, we can help you gain that first to market competitive advantage.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY – speed up launch times on design projects

Move quickly and cost effectively from theorised designs to fully formed 3D prototypes and make quick modifications to correct design problems ensuring the best proven design without tooling costs. Prove out the design early in the process with test ready high quality finished prototypes before heavy tooling, fixtures or casting investment.


Reduce the risk with test ready parts without the time and cost of full tooling.


Test out designs add additional features and remove unnecessary features to designs, and as a result produce products that are functionally superior and longer lasting


Helps designers to demonstrate products visually to their team, discover any potential design problems and prove out functional performance.

Our Services at a glance


We guarantee a response to quotation within 3 hours, and we can take a concept design through to high quality prototypes within 24 hrs.

Whale’s state of the art Fused Deposition Modelling  machine technology means that we can turn around high quality ABS prototypes in as little as 24 hours.

24 hour turnaround from 3D cad model received to complete 3D ABS models produced and delivered to customer in as little as 72 hours.

Our Prototypes


Our machines can produce waterproof prototypes with smooth surface finish, with an accuracy of 16 microns (86% more accurate than SLA parts)


Fast accurate prototypes and low volume pre-production parts in guaranteed delivery times


Our prototypes are available in a choice of ABS or rubber-like/composite parts materials, as well as over-moulded parts combining rigid, flexible and rubvber-like materials. We offer a shore scale of 40 to 95 allowing us to a wide range of rigid to flexible materials


Our range of materials includes simulated plastics including high temperature and ABS like material (more robust than SLA models). We offer simulating standard plastics such as transparent parts (ideal for checking design integrity, performance and flow analysis), rigid opaque, polypropylene - like, and rubber-like parts


Up to 350mm x 350mm x 200mm ensures that we are well equipped to produce a wide range of parts and assemblies


Test ready models


Our prototypes have a high quality smooth finish, available in a range of colours

3 Easy Steps- How it works

We receive the 3D model via email and ensure that a full 3d model is produced in our Rapid Prototyping suite which runs 24 hours a day. As such we work in partnership with product designers to reduce the product development process by weeks or even months.

STEP 1 - 3D printer software

From initial design concepts and ideas, we take your 3D CAD model  STEP, parasolid IGES design files  and translate into an STL file.


STEP 2- Prototypes produced for form, fit and functional testing.

FDM and digital materials with processes.


STEP 3 –Fast turnaround – Whale deliver the finished high quality model  

We ensure delivery in as little as 24 hrs.

Latest Machinery and Technology

Our suite of machines include state of the art digital multi-material 3D dimensional Printing System with Polyjet matrix and latest FDM machines, used to produce 100% accurate, durable 3D models suitable for prototype testing and design clarification. A range of prototypes for fit, form and functional testing.

3D dimensional Printing System

Our ultra-thin layer, high resolution 3D printing systems produce a smooth high quality finish and outstandingly accurate models. This allows us to produce closer than ever simulation of end products even combining multiple materials simultaneously in one build.

We use a wide range of photopolymer  digital materials. This allows us to deliver prototypes in a wide variety of material properties.

  • We are able to produce prototypes up to a maximum build size of 350mm x 350mm x 200mm and in a choice of ABS / Polyproylene, Rigid, Rubber-like and transparent materials.
  • We offer a shore scale of 40 – 95 allowing us to a wide range of rigid to flexible materials. 
  • The finished models are ‘test –ready’ parts produced to a high aesthetic standard and with a smooth surface finish.
  • Spray paint centre – allows us to colour match to your requirements

We also make robust 3D models for fit, form and functional testing


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How does it work?

The process - drawing to physical model

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